A tribute to our Dads

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It’s Father’s Day today and the SugarQuoted Collective decided to pay a little tribute to our Dads!

Gabriel: Hey Dad, what’s one thing you’ve taught me wrongly?

Gab’s Dad: *ponders for awhile* I don’t think i ever taught you anything wrongly but if you must have an answer.. I guess it would be teaching you how to speak.

Nabila: What’s your proudest moment as a father?

Nab’s Dad: My first proudest moment has got to be when I first laid my eyes on you. You were a perfectly beautiful baby. Especially since you’re my first child. The joy of being a father was indescribable.

Jun: What’s your proudest moment as my father?

“When you graduated from uni with a Bachelor’s Degree lor.”

Amanda: What qualities did you pass on to me?

Amanda’s Dad: No leh. No lah, we have different styles.

“My dad taught me many things some good, some questionable. The one thing he did get wrong though was keeping fishes. We had a pet project when I was real young and we kind of messed up and killed all the fishes. My dad still hasn’t been trusted around animals ever since.” – Mitchell

And there you have it, little anecdotes from our Dads! We hope y’guys enjoyed this post. From The SugarQuoted Collective, here’s wishing all Dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!