The Collective

We’re surrogate writers, really.


Xin Hui, Copywriter | Communications Strategist

One evening, feeling punny, Xin joined the words ‘sugar’ and ‘quote’. She trademarked it, and applied it to her first and purest love – the written word; giving her rights as the Director of SugarQuoted. But instead of being on our case, she is on her smartphone a lot, craftily applying her superpowers of distilling complicated briefs into communications strategy and execution. Xin usually replies clients enthusiastically with “Noted!” when what she means is, “I’d rather be doing yoga, but hey, consider it done.”  >> Get to know Xin better

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.01.54 pm

Mitchell, Editor
If Mitchell was a troll, he’d be the loving type, who smokes menthols. In other words, he is a cool guy. He never repeats his t-shirts, always has cigs, and sometimes comes up with new swear words. For that, he is our trendsetter, mood-balancer, and “inspirator” – a term he has kindly sugarquoted for us to use. >> Get to know Mitch better

jason_SQ_1Jason, Senior Content Producer | Resident Instagrapher
Jason is extroverted and obsessed with living in the moment. With that comes grave side effects such as compulsion, irrationality and short-term memory. A lover of the great outdoors and little bars, popular music and obscure movies, he’s a walking contradiction who fights to enjoy the
best of both worlds. >> Get to know Jason better

adrian liewAdrian, Digital Communications Strategist
An avid technologist, Adrian has helped to implement several digital projects within the government sector. He manages Corporate Communications and specializes in the use of social media platforms and new-media technologies in his marketing strategies. Adrian is a talented photographer, a periscope evangelist, a self-taught pianist, a volunteer at his local community, an officer and a gentleman, and the neatest of us all. Pull yourself together, he’s taken. >> Get to know Adrian better

Jun, Content Producer | Blogger
Jun is a lifestyle blogger with a passion for writing. When she’s not busy with work, you’ll find her in the company of books, music and console games with her boy. If you absolutely have to pay her in kind, she considers frappuccinos and froyo as currency. >> Get to know Jun better

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.56.27 pmAmanda, Content Producer | Ghost Writer
Contrary to popular accusations, Amanda does want to gain weight. She has been on annual #getfatschemes since 2012. Amanda is your typical Pisces girl, a.k.a. (overly)sensitive, emotional (wreck) and intrigued by things like dreams, luck and fate. A Sociology Undergrad at NUS. >> Get to know Amanda better

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.59.44 pmNabila, Content Producer | Instagrapher | PR Specialist
Every office needs a sweetheart like Nabila, who will dazzle you with her beauty, shame you with her fitness regime, challenge your local intelligence, and charm you with her words. Our resident bubble-tea-goondu and healthy-recipes guru. (Better)Half of @snapchefs, a PR specialist, and an aspiring author. >> Get to know Nabila better

Justina.001 Justina, Writer | Analyst
Justina genuinely finds joy in translating complicated government policies, transcribing clunky political seminars, and breaking-down politician-speak, into Singapore-friendly, colloquial articles of art. For that, people think she is weird, but to these haters, we respond “your face is weird”. She is our resident government-fan-girl-geek and we accept (adore) her. Hey, some of us hang out at the water-cooler gossiping, while Justina hangs out at the public gallery of Parliament absorbing. Tomayto, Tomahto; Kopi-See, Kopi-O. >> Get to know Justina better

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.14.37 AM

Jana AndreaCreative Writer | Poet
Jana is an avid wanderer and a whimsical poetess who is deeply passionate about philosophy and literary art. Basically, if she weren’t one of us, we’d either stone her or clone her. Thankfully, she is, so instead, we opt for what a cat would do, we tolerate (love) her. She prides herself in being versatile, from light puns in content writing, to fantasy fiction poetry and some good old down-to-earth stuff. She intends to become a novelist and published poet some day! >> Get to know Jana better

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.57.19 pmGab, Content Producer & Curator
Gab is really short for Gabriel, (don’t be fooled, he’s pretty tall) tho in the world of dance and design he is better known as @valiantvay. He is the only one amongst us with achievements in contemporary jazz dance, field hockey, and used-car sales, which makes him, statistically, one in a million. >> Get to know Gab better



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